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We believe and live by 3 main values

honesty, transparency and quality.
We always choose the most difficult route, which means that our job is harder, but this way we can look deep in your eyes and know that we are telling you the truth. We are tired of miscommunication of foods and ingredients. What we want is to make and give you food, juices and smoothies that will only enhance you and your body, and will make you feel better. When it tastes like heaven as well, we say: "Hey, why not? We have done our job right today!” We will never lie to you, hide ingredients or call them different names. We will just create the best possible food that we can make, food that we ourselves eat every single day. We love sleeping well at night, with no guilt and regret in our minds. We are honest, we are innovative, we are transparent and we will always make the best food, smoothies and juices out there for you.

We believe and live by 3 main values http://www.rootsandbulbs.com/